Dear Future Me Tag

Hello world,

I have been nominated by the wonderful Arielle to do this tag, and I am so excited so thank you so so so so much Arielle! Also, go check out her blog it is amazing and I love her style of writing.

Okey dokey, the rules are *drum roll please* (I don’t know I just feel like I needed a drum roll):

-Tag your post under ‘dearfuturemetag’

-Write a letter to yourself to read again (and answer if you want) in one year

-Nominate other bloggers

Well I don’t really know who’s done this and who hasn’t, so I nominate (sorry if you’ve already done it and if you want to do it comment and I’ll edit you in😘):

Blog filled with thoughts

Ruby’s Cadence

Brainwork And Pretty Pictures

I don’t really know who else to nominate who (as far as I know) haven’t done it.

Dear future me,

So, as you’re reading this a year from now, how are you? It’s 24 February 2017, right? Gosh that sounds weird! 2017… Before you continue reading this, check the time. If it is after 10pm, finish reading this (because it’s in the rules) and then GO TO BED.

So, you are officially a teenager now. 13! And you’re turning 14 this year! Year 10! You do realise that’s the year of your GCSEs, right? So you might want to revise for them. How’s year 9? Do you have a boyfriend yet? Don’t answer that. I already know.

How many detentions have you got? Warning stickers? You naughty girl. Are you more confident than you were a year ago (aka when I wrote this)? Hmm. Have you got over your depression? Hopefully. You were too young to want to commit suicide… Anyway! More positive things! Have you gotten over your ‘obsession’ with unicorns? No? *sigh*.

What are your hobbies now? Do you still play piano? What grade are you on? How are you doing with your GCSEs? Are your enrichment courses going alright? How many teachers have you gotten to hate you? How many languages are you learning? Are you fluent in any? Don’t say English, I know you will. Good luck with your GCSEs, now go to bed. Please. Otherwise you will be very tired tomorrow and you will fall asleep in a lesson and one of the teachers will yell at you. Again. Byeee!

pixiecake xxx


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