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“Nobody likes a really negative person”

Hello world,

I just wanted to apologise for the amount of depressing posts; I promise there will be more uplifting ones soon!

Earlier today, I was arguing with someone (again) and then out of nowhere, someone else (I’m not going to mention names because she would literally kill me) joins in. But she never actually joined in. She looked at me and said:

“Nobody likes a really negative person.”

Like, okay? How am I meant to respond to that? I get that it’s a really pointed comment because I’m depressed and all, but really? You’re actually going to go so far as to say that BECAUSE I’m depressed, no one is going to like me? I have friends thank you very much. Although I’m here pointing out the flaws in this sentence, it actually really hurt me. Okay, I get you don’t like me, I get you don’t understand me, but really? That’s just straight up mean. And if it wasn’t aimed at me, why  would she have said it?

Basically this was to say that things you do and say have a consequence. Everything does. But that comment hurt me, and I’m pretty sure it would hurt anyone. If your goal in life is to go round hurting people, then go say that to everyone.

I’m sorry if you think I’m completely overdramatising this, but it’s my opinion. Feel free to comment yours!

Love you!

pixiecake xxx

PS. I doubt but you really care😂 but I’m not doing a favourites post this month because I like basically the same stuff I did last month😂😁.


15 thoughts on ““Nobody likes a really negative person””

  1. People never think about what they say and how much their wird’s might hurt someone. Do not get affected of it too much. That girl does not know anything about you and about how you feel. It is okay to be negative sometimes and real friends will put up with this.

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  2. I was venting to my friend – or someone i thought was my actualy first friend of the year. And they are a very annoying, talkative, JOKE y person. I don’t laugh at their jokes and they say “OHH i am you, I don’t smile i don’t laugh blah blah” and I said something like that and then she said, “there is a different between jokes and meanness” and so when she mimicked me by sayig, OH I’M SERIOUS AND I don’t laugh or talk, I said the same thing. If you don’t like me, get out… and so I was saying i didn’t like sports and she’s like I DON’T WANNA HEAR U COMPLAIN. DON’T VENT TO ME. sTOP being SOO NEGATIVE. LIke i complain a lot in my head and i’m underconfident and i don’t have anyone to talk to. Expressing m dislike of a sport seems to be venting to you. Looks like you care a lot. Jeez. They said STOP BEING SO NEGATIVE NO ONE LIKES A NEGATIVE PERSON. I was so mad. Like okay, i don’t laugh at ur jokes cause they aren’t funny. I just wanted one friend. Just one. Not even that. My personality just seems to suck I guess. 😛

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  3. Your personality so does not suck. But it’s nice to know someone else is in the same boat as me. Well it’s not nice that someone said that but you know what I mean, right? Xxx


  4. This is so true. Everybody feels negatively sometimes, and I feel like because people like to sstay away from negativity. They often forget about that persons actual feelings. Lovely post sweetie! Thank you for following my blog 🙂

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  5. It’s true everything has consequences and the person who said that and reads this will also get hurt – so everything has consequences. I loved this post, but when you’re around negativity a lot sometimes it gets to you. So you have to appreciate that some people who say bad but true stuff to you might also be hurt. But yeah sorry bout my rant, great post x

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