What do YOU want?

Hello world,

This is really beginning to frustrate me. I haven’t posted in 2 days, I have NO IDEA what to post, or how to word it, I have WAYYYYY too much homework that I haven’t even started yet, my exams start in 3 weeks and I haven’t done any revision, and I’m soooooo stressed.

I have about 70 (okay no, more like 7) posts in my draft which I’ve started and gone, actually, nah that’s crap.


Okay so anyway please can someone comment what they would like me to post. If you comment I’ll link you in the post 😊😈.

Is that bribery?

Anyway, sorry for the short post. I have to go do homework, and then trampolining, and then other shit like that. Homework I mean. Not trampolining. I love trampolining. Okay that’s off topic.

Oh my god my brain is dying.

Lots of love (the love is to make up for my crappy post)

pixiecake xxx


17 thoughts on “What do YOU want?”

  1. Hey! Don’t stress about not posting on here. You’re school work is much more important. If you’re struggling for inspiration either 1)check out my 37 blog post ideas or 2) do something that relaxes you and clears your mind. You have to remember that your posts are not about us they are about you. Keep positive and you’ll reach whatever it is your searching for xxx

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  2. Hey you could do a collab with me if you want ? If you are stressed about exams check out a recent post on my account and it may help ❤️Oh and please could you read some of my blog- you are my flavour its blogger and I would really appreciate it

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  3. what about you write about how it feels. Like what you do when you’re not inspire to do anything. and all the frustuations it brings.
    for example: reasons and things someone may do when they’re on a writer’s block. that’s a way to make out a post out of a bad situation.
    i don’t know if I’m making sense, but I hope I give you an idea somehow. sorry you’re going trought this but don’t be so hard on yourself, forcing it is not the best thing.

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