Dear Future Me Tag (Response)

Hello world,

Yes, I know it’s late, I think I explained why in my last post. For anyone who hasn’t read my last one, this one will make absolutely no sense so it’s linked here. So, here’s my response:

Dear past me,

Well, it would be 24 February 2017 if I wasn’t such a shitty blogger. Last year, wow. I was so different! It’s not after 10pm, rules are still the same with the old parents, it’s 20:15! 

Indeed I am, and yes I am actually aware of this, so thank you. Yes, I do realise this, thank you SO MUCH for reminding me! Year 9s not BAD, per se, but it’s not exactly great. I miss year 8, to be honest. Too. Much. Fucking. Work. No, but hey! You bitch! No, I have a girlfriend, you innocent little thing.

No detentions, apart from that one where I went along to my friends and she gave me a detention because (and I quote) “why not?”. Warning sticker, maybe 5 or 6 this year, I can’t really remember. But come on, I got at least 13 in year 7. Am I more confident? Well. *takes deep breath* that depends on what you mean by confident. Am I outgoing? No. Hell no. Am I happier with what I look like? Mostly. I think so, anyways. I have good days and bad days, like most people. Yes, I have. Well, I don’t want to commit suicide anymore, which is great, but I haven’t necessarily stopped punishing myself. YES! ACTUALLY I HAVE! Unicorns are still great, obviously, but I’m not OBSESSED. 

Hobbies, umm, does Supernatural count as a hobby? Netflix? No but seriously, trampolining? Gymnastics? No, I quit piano in January, right after my grade 3. My enrichment courses are pretty good, other than music, in which I have to socialise. I’m still learning French and Spanish, and I taught myself a bit of German aswell. Also English (goddamn girl you’re fucking psychic). Thank you, and ITS NOT TIME YETT WHY DO YOU THINK ITS LIKE GOD KNOWS WHAT HOUR OF THE MORNING! Not that you’re going to reply to that, but anyway. And excuse me, teachers haven’t yelled at me that much! Byeee!

Lots of love,

Liv xxx

Well that was nostalgia-filled. I’m thinking of writing another one for me to answer this time next year. Hmm. 

Lots of love,

Liv xxx


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