I’m Back For Good (I Hope)

Hello world,

So basically I’ve been banned from my phone and iPad for 2 weeks (this was a week and a half ago) so I haven’t been able to blog, this also meant I missed my Dear Future Me tag, so I was actually really upset about that.

Also I’m not meant to be doing this, so if I’m caught yeah basically I’m screwed.


A lot has happened since I was last on here. Good things: I’m dating someone. This happened on Valentine’s Day (you think it’s cliché, right, but to be honest our relationship is anything but cliché😂). I’m happy to be back blogging, it honestly makes me really happy doing this. I’m out of a kinda toxic friendship, which I’m so proud of myself for.

Bad things: Today, I was diagnosed with anxiety, and she (she being the lady I went to see) wants to give me a CAMHS referral. For anyone that doesn’t know, it would take way too long to explain so here is the link.

I’m probably going to be blogging about kinda different things, and I’m thinking about changing my name, as I started this over a year ago, and to be honest it kinda sounds babyish now. So, if you see a blog you don’t recognise in your feed, it’s probably me.

I’m sorry about blogmas, I know I said I’d do it, and I feel really bad, but I was, um, preoccupied, and I just didn’t have time, I’m really sorry.

So, how are you all? I will be doing the response to the Dear Future Me Tag in my next post, so don’t worry (but you probably weren’t anyway).

I hope you’re all doing well, and I hope I’ll keep blogging from now on!

Lots of love,

Liv xxx

(that’s my real name, I’m going to be signing off as that until I can come up with a better name for my blog – ideas are welcome!)


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