I’ve Grown

Hello world,

I was reading some of my previous posts as I was deleting them, and I’ve grown so much. In the literal sense aswell of course (I’m now average height!!!) , but mainly in that I’m so different now. Reading them makes me cringe, but the Being Honest post made me cry. Honestly, I don’t know why. Maybe because I can relate now? I don’t know. 

Don’t you just hate rumours? People think it’s okay to talk about you when what they’re talking about – it’s none of their fucking business. 

Sorry, I just needed to let that out. Anyway, I’ve grown so much. I feel like I blog so differently now to then, and I don’t know if you guys notice it. I feel like I’m a completely different person, maybe it’s because I’ve stopped trying to impress you guys and I’ve started blogging for me, and not for followers. That was a dumb idea, young(er) Liv. I kinda want to start another blog, a different one but then again I don’t. I’m just a bit confused, overwhelmed right now if I’m honest – it’s all just a bit much really. 

I know I said I’d stick with blogging, and I will but I might be a bit distant – something came up today and I need time to figure this all out. I’m sorry. I’ll still blog frequently, or I’ll try, but yeah, I might be a bit distant. 

Anyway, sorry.

Lots of love,

Liv xxx


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