Life update

Hello world,

Much like Kylie Jenner said about last year, this year has been the year for realising things.

Number 1: I’m straight. Yes I know, I came out as bi whole drama thing yeah I’m aware, but I realised I’m straight. I’m not dating that girl anymore, obviously and I’m sorry if she’s reading this (probably not) but I don’t wanna have drama anymore :)). I’m straight, I did semi (unofficially) date a guy and yeah I’m happy. God this is so cringy.

Number 2: I’m not gonna continue this blog. This will probably be my last ever blog post and it’s so fucking cringy oh my lord😂😂.

Number 3: My last post was in march, what like seven months ago? And it was so different and I read all of them today oh my god😂😂I’m so cringyyyy.

Number 4: Your real friends might not be who you think they are. It’d take too long to explain this one tbh and honestly I cba no ones gonna read this anyways.

Okay that’s it love you all buh byeeee

liv xxx


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